City extension and regeneration projects - delivered.

Our Portfolio

Cities are in constant transformation. Sometimes entire city quarters become derelict due to evolving economic realties, sometimes cities need to add additional new city fabric.

Such a transition is a complex and delicate process. A political ambition needs to be forged into a motivating vision, based on shared values of all stakeholders. Masterplanners, architects, engineers, landscapers and many more specific experts have to collaborate efficiently, increasing quality and output as progressive insights steer the process forward. A business plan needs to assure financial feasibility even when unforeseen situations arise. All the while, the buy-in of the citizens has to be earned on the basis of transparent communication and active listening to their needs.

Here are some examples of the great realisations that Sitas has initiated and managed.

- Philippe Close - Mayor of the City of Brussels
“I'd never thought you would get the Gare Maritime project done. And now I use it constantly as a reference.”